I offer a range of copy editing services, from proofreading to heavy copy edits. Edits are done using Word Track Changes and Comments (though print and audio books are considered as well). This allows you to see suggestions and changes, while leaving you final control.

I also offer beta reads, and ghostwriting or rewriting; please contact me for more information (pricing listed below).

All new clients start at the light copy edit level or higher; any necessary adjustment (to a lower price) will be made once the project is complete. Projects of any length are welcome!

Proofread ($0.004 per word):

  • Spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation
  • Typos

Light copy edit ($0.005 per word; for example, 50K=$250):

  • Spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation
  • Typos
  • Inconsistencies and word repetitions
  • General clarity

Medium to Heavy copy edit ($0.007 to $0.009 per word):

  • Spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation
  • Typos and other inconsistencies
  • Word usage and overuse
  • Clarity, including point of view and verb tenses
  • Dialogue tags
  • Basic fact-checking and consistency
  • Sentence flow and structure
  • Comments on other points that draw readers out of the story

Ghostwriting and Rewriting (for select return clients only; $40/hour)

  • Please contact for more information

Beta Read ($0.0025 per word; for example, 10K=$25)

  • Comments on big-picture issues such as character arc, pacing, and world building
  • Select copy edits as negotiated

Other details:

  • All editing projects (except beta reads, which get a full pass and a skim) go through two passes. Therefore, the usual turnaround time for a novel-length project (200-350 pages) is two weeks. A rush fee of 20% is charged for projects (over 100 pages) needed within 5 business days (7 for longer projects).
  • Most genres accepted. No horror, thriller, science fiction, very dark fiction, science, math, or tech. Also, no projects with content that publishers won’t accept (incest, rape, and the like). Projects of any length are welcome, from blog posts and essays to full-length nonfiction and novels.
  • All work is completed by Reina; no work is subcontracted.
  • Charges of less than $100 are invoiced once the edit is complete. Invoices are due upon receipt. Invoices over $100 are due half in advance and half upon completion.
  • Word count is based on a Microsoft Word document in standard font (such as Times New Roman), 12 point, double spacing, one inch margins.
  • Cancellations once the project has begun will be subject to fees equivalent to the hours of work completed.
  • If you’re wondering, Will this edit catch everything? Please see this post by editor Louise Harnby for answers.
  • If you have any questions, please contact rickrackbooks at yahoo dot com

**Please note: Rickrack Books does not assure publication nor do I provide developmental editing or formatting (but we can give you recommendations for others who do). All pricing is approximate. For a quote (and a free sample edit, if desired), please contact Reina.